Animal Acupuncture

Jun 2017

  What happens when I stick needles in a dog or a cat? A)  They bite me. B)  They look at me with suspicion. C)  They relax. D)  They experience pain relief and/or a decrease in symptoms. E)  Any or all of the above. The answer is E, but mercifully, answer A is pretty rare. In an age where many people are seeking alternative health options for themselves, it’s nice to know that many of those options are also available for our pets. Acupuncture, herbal formulas, and laser and chiropractic treatments are......

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The Fascinating Cat

Cats are mysterious creatures.  They are beautiful, smart, independent and capable of hiding symptoms until their sickness is severe.  As a veterinarian I will also add the adjectives challenging and dangerous.  When I enter...

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