Wellness Services

We offer wellness services including annual health exams, vaccines, and heartworm and flea medicines.  We create wellness plans for each individual patient based on his or her specific needs.  Many times dogs and cats are vaccinated too frequently, and sometimes vaccinated with things they don’t need.  With our individualized approach, we make certain that over-vaccination does not happen.

Dr. Beth also treats animals with health problems.  Using a combination of acupuncture, laser treatment, herbal medicines and western remedies, she can treat your pet from a holistic perspective.  Regular exams, especially in senior pets, are important to maintain health and a good quality of life.

In our clinic, your pet is our only priority during the appointment.  In a calm and comfortable setting, he or she will be the only patient in the clinic, and he can relax in a non-hurried atmosphere.  Those pet owners who have animals who usually dislike the veterinary experience often report the experience is much better here.

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